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Fund Administration

Private placement fund operations know how

Accounting expertise

Obsession with details

We are not just dabblers, we are experts in the private placement world. We understand investor expectations, lender requirements, and the necessity for accurate financial statements and accounting records.

We are not just heads down, we think strategically, share our experiences and plan for the future.

Our Fund Administration Includes:

Fund accounting

Distribution allocations

Ad-Hoc Financial Analysis

Investor management system 


Accounting and Information Systems Experts

Not just your average accountants, we have decades of experience specializing in various accounting systems. Our specialty lies in creating efficient, technology-enabled processes, saving you time and money. 

Our Experts Can Provide:

Accounting and Bookkeeping 

Controller and CFO services

Fractional outsourcing /

You need someone to take on the administrative aspects of your business while you focus on growth and profitability, but you don’t quite want or need full-time staff members to do so. Enter Red Cedar.

We provide fractional outsourcing services for all levels in a typical accounting and finance org chart, from Chief Financial Officer to Controller to Staff and Senior accountants.

Whether your organization is in a transition or you have a specific project that would benefit from the independent perspective of a seasoned team or resource, we can make sure your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to have your accounting needs taken off of your shoulders?